Pardon Me Princess Comes to Life

My delivery has just arrived!

So I know that you all haven’t been kept up-to-date with the creation of this game and so the excitement probably seems a bit much, so before I dive in and gush about this delivery let me give you a summary.

Initial Idea

I had an idea for a board game about going up a tower to rescue a Princess, but what if the Princes doesn’t want to be rescued?

This escalated to a game with a spiral board where squires must race up the tower from Camelot to the Princess and hope that she would go with them. Unfortunately, as Camelot was the place you were knighted, the one-way spiral board was a bit confusing and was scrapped in favour of a more traditional square board.

There be Monsters

We added monster cards early, but what was really cool was when we ‘attached’ them to spaces so if you fail to beat them then they stay there. So sometimes the board can be half full of monsters no one was able to take on. It took a while to get a good distribution of monsters but we go something good that keeps things interesting.

At this point out prototype looks like this:

Pretty Pictures

We had some art for the card backs that we were playing with:


The fronts at this point needed a lot of work

To the Forge

So we are pressing on now and feel like we have a playable game. It’s really exciting to see an idea grow from nothing into something actually real and existing. Even if no one else ever even heard of the game it had a board, and parts and a theme and rules.

we took it to a friend’s house, which was very valuable. One person was stuck without a weapon and one person was stuck without a horse. So we added in a Forge and Mount Merchant to combat this problem. Our prototype now looks like this:

All that explanation just for this

And now we are here. The base game is done. We need more playtesting but we don’t see any big changes to mechanics any time. Because of this we ordered a set of all the cards from The Game Crafter to see what they will look like, and make the game more playable. We also ordered player mats and meeple. WE HAVE A GAME! No board yet but our erasable mat is still working just fine.

Sadly I made a mistake so one of the card backs isn’t right, but  they are still completely usable. So, after reading all that I understand that your excitement will not match mine, and that’s ok. My intention was to blog about the process as it happened, but various reasons got in the way of that. I still take amazing pleasure in presenting to you:

Pardon Me Princess, May I Rescue You? as it is Sept 10th 2018, the current prototype:

 Hopefully the friends who are helping us playtest won’t get sick of the game, because I am definitely taking this round on Friday to try out the new cards. We are in contact with someone about the board art and some other stuff so things are steaming ahead really well.

I will definitely keep you updated more as we go along, but we decided together that we are going to let this project sit for a while. Now that we’ve hot a huge milestone, and the artist is on holiday for a couple of weeks, we are going to leave this game alone for 2 weeks (aside from playtesting the cards). So don’t worry if you don’t hear must about this game for a while, we’ll come back to it with fresh eyes and update you then.

Until next time, have fun, play games



All photos © Walrusware™ 2018


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