We Have Arrived!

This is all very exciting!

Welcome, welcome it’s good to see you here. If you have come here because you love games then you are in the right place. We are steaming along with our first board game project, are well into planning our our first tabletop RPG and have lists of ideas for all kinds of futures game of various types.

We were hoping to have a website up much earlier then this but things have gotten in the way so unfortunately these first posts won’t be a ‘real time guide’ through the process. We can’t wait to take you though it all though and you’ll get updates as they happen on future projects. The most important of all though:

Meet our resident walrus, Winkie

That’s all for now. We just wanted to welcome you to the site. It’s a work in progress for now so please excuse an wonkyness while we work on it. Hopefully it will be overflowing with updates soon.

By for now, Team Walrusware


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