Dastardly Workings

The Beginning of the End

We have the Base game of Pardon Me Princess, May I Rescue You? finished at this stage. We need art for the board and the box etc but the mechanics are done. Unless something big comes up in playtesting then we are considering it finished.

With that in mind we have started on the next portion, the first expansion; Pardon Me Princess, Dastardly Deeds. It might seem early to be planning an expansion so early, especially as the base game isn’t out yet, but most expansions are made of ideas that people have when working on a project, but find that they just don’t fit the game, or there isn’t time to polish them properly. In this case Dastardly Deeds changes the tone of the game significantly enough for us to feel it is better as optional content that people can leave aside and ignore if they so choose.

What are Dastardly Deeds?

This is an expansion that will contain a pack of cards. These cards with have a back similar to the blue Action cards with a different symbol. The idea is that they will have text on them and are used to give yourself a boost to the game, or screw over other players by slowing them down. For example:

Health Potion

Play when a Monster is defeated: the fight was failed. The Monster card stays in the space and no treasure is drawn

Doubly Dastardly

Take a Dastardly Deeds card from the discard pile

Monster Mating

Play when a Monster is revealed: Place a card from the Monster deck with this card. They now count as 1 Monster with a combined value until defeated

How Does it Change Things?

These cards really push on the competitive side of the game. As far as we can tell so far, they make the game much longer, around 60-90 mins rather than under 60. They aren’t so good for very young players as there is a higher level of tactics involved, and people need to be able to read well and understand the wording to get the most out of the card. It contains cards that can steal a win from someone at the final card turn, so it’s really for people who will revel in messing with the other players AND knowing that at any second someone might snatch a win from them as well

Testing Still Needed

We really need lots of testing for this one, and the wording and stuff is harder than expected (more on that soon) but we are really excited about this one. It’s something we’ve been thinking about forĀ  while so it’s nice to see it coming to fruition. For now that’s all we have for you, more updates later as things develop.

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