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Here is where you can see progress for all our games currently in development

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A NEW series of very small… games? Some of them will be more interactive then others and all of them will be super small, but all fully playable. This project is about expanding my coding and Unity knowledge and ability so who knows where these little experiments might take me!

Find them on my page now!

Pardon Me Princess, May I Rescue You?

A board game that is near completion. Play a squire trying to become knighted, then rescue the Princess, but you best hope she likes your style when you get there

board game, family, knights, fantasy, Arthurian, cards, rng, competitive

Solar Explorer

A board game in (very) early development. Explore the solar system.

board game, space, exploration, co-op

Fish Squad

A tabletop Roleplaying game in development. Play a team of the aquatic elite as you navigate the seas and keep the world safe from disasters man-made and natural alike

TTRPG, heroes, save the world, narrative, 2d6 system, co-op